UK Spouse Visa Process And Requirements

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Marriage & Fiancée Visa Application Process & the requirements to meet. are UK based Immigration lawyers and advisors that are focused on providing clients with

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UK Spouse / Marriage Visa Requirements

The sponsor and applicant must be legally married to each other / in a civil partnership with each other

Conditions of the UK Spouse / Marriage Visa

Applicants will be given a 2 and half year conditional visa to live and work in the UK, after which, if the relationship is still in place

UK Fiance / Fiancée Visa Requirements

The sponsor and the applicant must intend to get married within a six month period in the UK.

Conditions of UK Fiancée / Marriage Visa

Successful applicants are granted a 6 month visa in which to come to the UK and get married. They are not allowed to work whilst on this visa.