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Cash savings that can be used for your UK Spouse Visa

Many UK Sponsors may be thinking about using only cash savings under the financial requirements set by the Home Office. A few important points to consider is that:

  1. The amount to show is £62,500. It can be spread across 1 bank account or multiple bank accounts. It can be held in any currency.
  2. The amount must be held for a minimum of 6 months in the account (s) and the closing balance and the minimum balance during the entire 6 months period must be £62,500.
  3. In such cases even the UK visa applicant can show cash savings. They can even be combined with the UK Sponsors savings if there is a shortfall.
  4. Cash savings can be combined with the UK Sponsors employment income if there is a shortfall in employment income.
  5. Often we have clients ask if they can use amounts that are in the region of £10,000 BUT it is important to remember that the cash savings and employment works on a variable sliding scale where there is a complex calculation involved. For any cash savings to be considered where there is a shortfall of employment income, the savings must start always start at£16,000 at which point the home office formula for determining the financial requirements comes into play. For example if your employment income was £18,000 per year then you need to have £17,500 in cash savings. A Home office approved equation is used. Due to the complicated nature of the equation is it advisable to seek legal advice and this is where we can help you.