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How to meet the Financial Requirements for your UK Spouse Visa Application if your income is less than £18,600

The UK Settlement Visa process is not only complicated but it seems the Home Office do not make their own rules clear enough. This makes it difficult for sponsors and applicants to work out what they need to do. The main aspect we see is that the Financial requirements are not looked at carefully which would help a client make a successful application.

We know that the minimum income requirement is £18,600 but did you know that it is not an actual requirement that your employment contract needs to state your yearly salary as £18,600? It could be less than this but the Home Office do allow sponsors to show that they meet the income rules of £18,600 through regular overtime. This is demonstrated through your payslips.  For example your contracted yearly salary could be £17,000 which leaves you £1600 short of meeting the requirements.  But over a 6 month period you could do regular over time so that when the final calculations are done in line with the Home Office Spouse Visa rules then you can meet the income requirements.

If you are in position where your income is lower than the £18,600 don’t be put off from applying. We can always provide you with options and give advice on how you can build your salary to the required level. It may take 6 months or even less in many cases. Remember it is important to plan in advance all UK Spouse Visa applications to give you and your partner a strong and secure visa application.