We are open for business & supporting clients with their UK Spouse Visas. Currently you do not need to visit us in person during these restrictions. We can deal with your Visa matter by email / skype / phone / whatsapp video calling.

If your UK Spouse Visa is expiring & you need to extend then contact us ASAP. If you are planning to apply for a UK Spouse Visa for the 1st time then we can help you.

The Services We Provide

Expert Lawyers for UK Spouse, Fiancee & Partners Visas

Visa & Immigration Services We Provide

We provide a range of visa and immigration services to our clients across the world. This can range from our popular Full Visa & Immigration Service to a simple no obligation initial consultation and finally support in obtaining British Citizenship. All of our services are flexible and we can help and support clients by email, phone, Skype, Post and face to face meetings. This is particularly important if you are overseas or due to work commitments unable to meet us in person.

We provide all our clients an affordable visa application services which includes the following categories:

Full Visa & Immigration Service

  • UK Visa case prepared & managed by former UK Border Agency Officer / Visa Official to give you complete peace of mind and satisfaction. This service can be the initial visa application you make overseas such as a Spouse or Fiancée Visa application or once you are in the UK then an extension visa application.
  • Unlimited Legal consultations including full advice & support to ensure the application is done correctly and you meet all the visa requirements – We can provide skype / telephone consultations if you are unable to visit us in person.
  • We provide an easy to follow check list of supporting documentation required prior to application completion. We will cross check all supporting evidence and documents to ensure it meets UK Home Office visa standards. As former Visa Officials we know exactly what the Visa Officers are looking for and the manner they expect them in. The checklist that we prepare for you is comprehensive and specific to your personal circumstances.
  • Legal visa & immigration submission letter which is presented to the UK Home Office / British Embassy outlining how and why and applicant qualifies under the Immigration rules taking into account any compelling and compassionate circumstances concerning your relationship.
  • UK Sponsors Employment status presented and explained to the Home Office / British Embassy – This is very important as most of the legal paperwork must come from the Sponsor under the Immigration Rules and Financial Requirements. We will explain in depth how the sponsor meets the Home Office Financial Requirements and where required, highlight complex financial circumstances where various types of income levels are combined to meet the income rules.
  • Visa Application completed and fully prepared including any online application submission and supplementary applications forms such as the Annex 2 Form. All our applications are presented in a manner expected by the UK Visa Section
  • Appointment submission date booked with the British Embassy/ UK Border Agency. This is where the visa applicant submits their application and supporting documents at the Visa Application Centre in their country of residence.
  • Supporting evidence collated and presented appropriately and an explanation given of the importance of the evidence.
  • Liaison with the British embassy regarding your case
  • 7 – 10 working day fast-track turnaround time for case completion (provided that you have all your documents in order)
  • International Courier booked through our office when sending application overseas to the visa application. (Optional service)
  • We provide Immigration Property Inspection Reports in order to meet the housing requirements under the Immigration Rules. (Optional service)
  • We will also give advice on the Home Office English test procedures and help in finding suitable test centres if you have not done the test yet. This is applicable to clients that not exempt from the Secure English Language Test (SELT) requirements.
  • If the applicant and sponsor are called for an interview by the British Embassy / High Commission we can give advice on how this process works and prepare you for any questions the Visa Officer may have.
  • We can, where applicable and subject to booking fee, book a priority visa service where you can receive a decision on your immigration application either on the same day (inside UK) or within 4 weeks (OVERSEAS)

Visa Application & Document Checking Service

We will check your visa application form and supporting evidence to ensure it meets requirements and will advise on making improvements to the application so that it meets the visa requirements and provide you with complete peace of mind. This service is suitable and cost effective if you do not want us to represent you as your Immigration lawyers and handle the case from start to finish. This service is ideal if you have completed most of the work in advance and are familiar with the complex visa rules and how your case will be assessed by the UK Visa Officer.

Initial Legal Consultation

We can also provide a legal consultation with us to begin with which can be done via skype webcam, phone or visiting us at our London Gatwick Offices. We can also prepare an email legal opinion in response to any of your questions. An initial consultation is helpful if you are unfamiliar with the Immigration Rules and financial requirements and need advice on where you, as a sponsor, stand. This type of consultation is designed to make clients fully aware of the legal process and risks before they embark on a serious and life changing legal process.

Permanent Residency & Settlement

Once a client is in the UK and has normally held their Spouse, Unmarried Partner or Same Sex visa for at least 5 years, then they are eligible to apply for a Permanent Residency Visa which is commonly known as Indefinite Leave to Remain. This visa allows them to settle in the UK without any immigration restrictions or the need to keep extending their visa. We can help clients to remain in the UK by completing their Settlement Visa application and ensure that they meet the Settlement / ILR visa rules. We can even provide you with a same day visa service.

British Citizenship

Once a client is in possession of their Permanent Residency Visa , then they are eligible for naturalising as a British Citizen. This normally occurs immediately after obtaining the Permanent Residency Visa status. We will prepare and manage the entire British Citizenship Application process by ensuring you meet the latest rules in place such as the residency requirements and help with booking the Citizenship ceremony. This is often the final stage in the entire Immigration application process.

UK Spouse / Marriage Visa Requirements

The sponsor and applicant must be legally married to each other / in a civil partnership with each other

Conditions of the UK Spouse / Marriage Visa

Applicants will be given a 2 and half year conditional visa to live and work in the UK, after which, if the relationship is still in place

UK Fiance / Fiancée Visa Requirements

The sponsor and the applicant must intend to get married within a six month period in the UK.

Conditions of UK Fiancée / Marriage Visa

Successful applicants are granted a 6 month visa in which to come to the UK and get married. They are not allowed to work whilst on this visa.

Eligibility Assesment

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