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Why Use An Immigration Lawyer?

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There are different and confusing Visa routes plus strict legal Requirements involved when looking to settle in the UK as a Spouse, unmarried Partner or Fiancée of a British citizen or UK permanent resident. Many people consider the entire Visa and Immigration process as a very stressful event in their lives. The UK Family Migration Visa criteria / application process is a life changing and stressful event which takes you from thinking about your Partner, who will be in another country thousands of miles away, to the actual joy of being together with them in the UK.

Many Sponsors and UK Visa Applicants will probably have never needed to think about the emotional, financial, time and legal aspects of bringing a Spouse, Partner or Fiancée to the UK on a family migration Settlement Visa. Selecting the right legal representative for you application will be one of the most important decisions that you make that will ensure you can save a great deal of heartache, time and money.

Even compelling or compassionate reasons are rarely taken into account by the Embassy Staff and Visa Officers and simply being apart from each other is not a reason for the Home Office to grant the Visa. The UK Visa Officials will consistently and clearly apply the Financial Requirements in ALL Visa cases and that is why it is so important for an UK Immigration Lawyer to help you navigate through the elaborate rules, policies, legislation, criteria and bureaucratic administration procedures.

UK Immigration law is a complex world with strange and strict rules which are often poorly worded without any apparent logic. What initially looks like a simple task of completing a standard online and paper application form and paying expensive Visa fees, swiftly turns into a difficult journey full of impatient UK Immigration Officials asking numerous personal questions about the circumstances of you and your loved ones. The outcome of a refused Visa application is, at the very least, the loss of thousands of pounds in Home Office Visa fees and precious time wasted and not to mention an even longer period of being apart. The Home Office application processing fee (payable to the British Government) is non refundable regardless of the Visa decision outcome.

The outcome of your Migration Application will mainly depend on the relevancy and quality of your legal supporting documents and in particular how you, as a sponsor, meet the under the UK Visa Income Requirements. The majority of UK Settlement Visa applications are decided by the UK Visa Officer without even speaking to the sponsor and applicant and it is vital that the application has been 100% correctly prepared before submitting at the UK Visa submission centre.

Applying for a UK Spousal, Fiancée or unmarried Partner Visa is more than just filling out application forms. The Visa Application Form (VAF) questions are complex and carefully worded to gather as much data as possible in order to show inconsistent answers where a sponsor and their Partner’s relationship and finances can be investigated and discredited. Many people attempt to complete a UK Spouse Visa application on their own and, due to a lack of knowledge of complicated UK Immigration rules, provide invalid and misleading answers to what appears to be basic application questions.

If you have overstayed illegally from a few months to even many years on your UK Tourist or student visa or even entered illegally and plan to make an application for a UK Spouse, Fiancée and Partner Visa then it does not mean that you will not obtain the Visa or never be with your loved one.

We can still help you live in the UK with your loved one by providing an effective UK Settlement Visa solution. By carefully assessing your UK Visa application and by ensuring that all the UK Visa regulations have been met can result in you successfully being permitted to live in the UK with your British Sponsor.

The Home Office do not give the option of sending in further documents after you have submitted your application especially if you have left something out. Border Force and Embassy officials will not accept additional supporting evidence, and will always base their Visa decision on everything stated in your Visa application form and the supporting evidence package provided. There are NO SECOND CHANCES if your Visa application is refused which means reapplying again and spending more money on Government fees and more importantly being away from your loved one.

Furthermore, if your initial Visa application is refused then you are permitted to appeal against the Visa Refusal to Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. The appeal decision can take up to twelve months to reach and the way in which there is almost no flexibility in the Immigration Rules often results in the appeal being dismissed, especially where the mandatory level of the Financial Requirements are not met. Any emotional aspects of your relationship are in many, initial visa and subsequent appeal, cases ignored as the MAIN PRIORITY is to meet the Income and Financial Requirement criteria laid down by the Home Office.


  • Analyse the facts of your specific Settlement Visa case. We will check to see if there are weaknesses in your finances and circumstances by working with you to resolve them.
  • Guide you with the eligibility Requirements for your application especially the Family Migration Financial Requirements.
  • Inform you about how the Home Office / Border Force and UK Visas and Immigration will interpret your case and related documents.
  • Complete your sponsored Partner’s application and the Financial Requirements Appendix 2 form on the basis of the information you provide and suggest where improvements that can be made.
  • Provide you with a complete list of all the supporting documents that will be needed to submit with your UK Settlement Visa application.
  • Submit your complete application to Home Office / Border Force and UK Visas and Immigration anywhere within the UK or at any overseas Visa post (UK High Commission/Consulate or UK Embassy).
  • “Hold your Hand” till a final decision is made on your application.


  • We regularly help clients from across the world and can give you all the help you need regardless of which country you reside in.  As we are London based with Lawyers and Legal Advisors trained and qualified in the UK we have the advantage of providing you with up to date Legal Migration help and can react faster to any Immigration changes made by the UK Home Office.
  • We provide our Immigration services at a affordable fixed price and free of any hidden costs or hourly charges.
  • We keep you updated with all the changes that occur with UK Immigration Laws and Rules. Our team of legal experts and ex- Home Office Visa Officials keep a track of all the latest Family Migration changes and Requirements and inform you of how this may affect your Spouse Visa application.
  • Many UK Visa applications are rejected as applicants do not have the correct guidance. Hence it is essential that you consider taking an experts opinion, who are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Our OISC Registration number is F200800052.
  • You can completely trust our legal advisers and lawyers with your application as we believe in producing successful results only.

UK Spouse / Marriage Visa Requirements

The sponsor and applicant must be legally married to each other / in a civil partnership with each other

Conditions of the UK Spouse / Marriage Visa

Applicants will be given a 2 and half year conditional visa to live and work in the UK, after which, if the relationship is still in place

UK Fiance / Fiancée Visa Requirements

The sponsor and the applicant must intend to get married within a six month period in the UK.

Conditions of UK Fiancée / Marriage Visa

Successful applicants are granted a 6 month visa in which to come to the UK and get married. They are not allowed to work whilst on this visa.

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